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Key Findings from the Rural Wisdom Evaluation

Sharing the learning from the first year of this 5 year project exploring the impact of community-based activities that are led by older people living in rural areas in Scotland and Wales.

As part of the project ambitions, the Rural Wisdom partners, Outside the Box, Volunteering Matters Cymru and the National Development Team for Inclusion (NDTi) are sharing the learning to enable people living and working in rural areas to apply and benefit from, what works.

Project Aims:

  • More older people in rural areas are having a voice and leading change in their local communities.
  • More older people get the support they want, which works well for them, through a wider range of community based services.
  • Policies in Scotland and Wales support older people to continue to live in the rural communities they know and encourage older people’s contribution to their communities.
  • The experience of older people in rural areas, and of their communities, contribute to the growth of communities across the UK that value, include and support older people.

What we Found:

  • Councils and Health and Social Care Partners like the creative ways in which Rural Wisdom has reached and engaged with older people and others in small rural communities to improve links with the public sector.
  • Rural Wisdom can build on this role to widen the public sector’s understanding of the value of listening to older people directly and developing skills for co-production.

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Read the document in Welsh here

Rural Wisdom doc

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