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Insights 18 - Circles of Support for People with Dementia – A Summary of Learning from the Project to Date

Insights This project is working with people with dementia in four areas in the South of England to help them develop Circles of Support.

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Insights 17 - Employment Support for Disabled People: Early Findings

Insights NDTi has been doing research into whether the money spent on employment support for people with mental health problems and people with learning disabilities is being used well.

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Insights 16 - Avoiding Another Winterbourne View

Insights 16 - Avoiding Another Winterbourne View The Government has produced a report detailing what is to happen to help prevent a repetition of the abuse that was faced by people with learning disabilities at Winterbourne View.

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Insights 15 - Reasonable Adjustments in Mental Health

Insights People with autism or learning disabilities may have mental health problems – just like anyone else. However, when they try and get help, the mental health service does not always…

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Insights 14 - A Review of the Economic Evidence Around Employment Support

Insights NDTi have been granted funding from the National Institute for Health Research’s School of Social Care Research (SSCR) to carry out a two year study into the cost…

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Insights 13 - Families and Personalisation

Insights Based on our work with families, NDTi and Dimensions identified a need to explore how families were being involved in the personalisation process.

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Insights 12 - Commissioning for Inclusion Materials

Insights This Insights is about how commissioners can help make sure that services help people to live good lives in their communities.

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Insights 11 - Commissioning Employment Supports

Insights This publication summarises the learning from work undertaken by NDTi around supporting people with learning disabilities and people with mental health problems into paid work.

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Insights 10 - Incentives for Achieving Change in Private Sector Learning Disability Hospitals

Insights NDTi published a new Insights to share the findings and lessons from an 18-month DH-funded project designed to encourage private sector providers of learning disability hospitals to change their services…

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Insights 8 & 9 - Independent Living Strategy projects

Insights NDTi published two new Insights to share the findings and lessons from government funded Demonstration Projects on independent living.

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