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Insights 28 - Specialist staff supporting people in their communities

Last year the National Development Team for Inclusion worked with learning disability teams in England, Scotland and Wales to develop and share good practice around supporting people with learning disabilities and complex needs to live their lives in their communities.

During the development, the group identified important differences in the work they did compared to other community support staff teams.

Who should read this?

  • Specialist Support Staff
  • Managers of Support Services
  • Commissioners in Local Authorities
  • Commissioners in Health Services
  • Specialist services in Health & Care Partnerships


Community is for All was developed as a strand of NDTi’s Community Led Support programme in response to comments from staff in learning disability services who said that they needed additional guidance and assistance in order to fully embrace a community led approach.

Purpose of Report

To communicate the learning from our first Community is For All programme where specialist staff in learning disability services explored the important differences and challenges in what they do to support people and families and how this fits with asset-based and community focussed work.

Download the Insights document here

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