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Insights 14 - A Review of the Economic Evidence Around Employment Support

NDTi have been granted funding from the National Institute for Health Research’s School of Social Care Research (SSCR) to carry out a two year study into the cost effectiveness of different models of employment support for disabled people.

NDTi looked for research reports giving evidence about different types of employment support for people with disabilities. We were particularly looking for economic evidence, for example evidence about the relationship between money spent on employment supports and people getting paid work.

We found that there is some economic evidence, especially about particular kinds of employment support e.g. Supported Employment and Individual Placement and Support (IPS). However there are also many gaps in the evidence, and lots more questions that need answering in order to help people in Local Authorities make good decisions about how to spend the money.

The copy of the Insights and the review are available for download on the right site under the related downloads.

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