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Insights 23 - Getting it right with young people whose behaviour challenges

This ‘Insight’ draws together learning from work led by the NDTi in the East Midlands, as part of the ‘Living Local’ programme.

The programme, initiated by NHS East Midlands (now NHS England), was all about developing better support for people whose behaviour challenges. Supported by NHS East Midlands, we worked in three areas to listen to people whose behaviour challenges, their families, social care and health staff, managers and commissioners. This included people with positive outcomes (living in the community, connected to family and friends) and people with poor outcomes (moved away to institutional placements). Much of what we heard has been said before. That makes action all the more important.

The evidence about what needs to change and what works is compelling. It is not enough to focus just on improving support for adults, or for children and young people – necessary though those actions are. A lifelong perspective is needed to ensure that support for children and young people is designed and delivered in ways that will be successful and sustainable into adult life.

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