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High Aspirations

NDTi Articles The Viewpoint Magazine published an article by Rob Greig entitled the ‘High Aspirations’ in which Rob talks about Valuing People, Valuing People Now and a new disability strategy…

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Inclusion Matters

NDTi Articles The Care Talk Magazine published in their March issue an article by Steve Strong entitled ‘Inclusion Matters’.

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Payment by Results and Personalisation in Mental Health Services

NDTi Articles Care Management Matters magazine published an article by Anita Cameron on dangers of personalisation delivery and mental health payment by results systems undermining one another.

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Research: Supported Housing for People with Learning Disabilities

NDTi Articles Community Care published a research article in November based on the NDTi 'Feeling Settled' guide on changing Residential Care services to Supported Living for people with learning disabilities, where people…

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Increasing health checks for people with learning disabilities

NDTi Articles The Nursing Standard published an article by Sue Turner entitled 'Increasing health checks for people with learning disabilities'.

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Achieving better outcomes with learning disabilities services

NDTi Articles The linked article by Rob Greig appeared in the Health Services Journal on 16th February 2011.

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Outside-in service design

NDTi Articles Outside-in service design by Peter Bates (NDTi) and Fabian A Davis (Bromley Mental Health Services) was published in the International Journal of Leadership in Public Services, Volume 5, issue 3 - October 2009 …

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Getting the Best Independent Brokerage

NDTi Articles In February 2009 Community Care Magazine published an article written by Rob Greig and Steve Dowson - Getting the Best Indpendent Brokerage.

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The Emergence of the Independent Support Broker Role

NDTi Articles In August 2009, the Journal of Integrated Care (Journal of Integrated Care Volume 17 : issue 4 : August 2009. Pages 22 - 30. © Pavilion Journals (Brighton) Ltd ) published an article written by Steve Dowson and…

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Articles by Peter Bates

NDTi Articles Peter Bates has had a number or articles and papers published around Mental Health and Social Inclusion. Please click on the link on the right to see an extensive list.

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