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Age Friendly Island Evaluation 2017-18

Age Friendly Island, Isle of Wight, is one of fourteen partnership programmes funded through Big Lottery Fulfilling Lives: Ageing Better Programme, a national programme that aims to pilot new or joined up ways of working to reduce social isolation and collect better evidence of what works. NDTi are conducting a four-year local evaluation of the Age Friendly Island Programme. This second annual report reflects the findings of the mixed methods evaluation undertaken in 2017-18.

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Three years into the five-year funded period, it is clear that the Programme is making real progress towards the achievement its four main Programme outcomes.

The Programme continues to support a high number of older people and has facilitated opportunities for older people to increase their social connections, meet new people, make friends and has led to decreased social isolation for people involved across the projects.

Older people are increasingly involved in designing and shaping their own individual support and the services they receive from the projects. More opportunities are also being created for, and being taken up by, older people to influence and shape local policies and increase awareness and understanding of their needs.

There appears to have been some significant progress towards the Isle of Wight becoming an Age friendly Island in the past year. The number of inter-generational activities are increasing and the widespread delivery of the Age Friendly Training appears to be making a real impact.

Although quantitative health and well-being measures have demonstrated either no progress or minimal changes to levels of health and wellbeing, interviews with participants have consistently shown that participation in the Programme has had a positive impact on the physical and mental health, wellbeing and /or quality of life of those involved with the projects.

As the evaluation moves into the final phase, it will address the following key questions:

What’s working for individuals?
What’s working for projects?
What’s working for the Programme?
What’s working for the Island? (Including looking beyond the Programme end)

View the full report here.

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