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A Paper to Challenge and Inform Transforming Care Partnerships

This paper thinks about people with learning disabilities and /or autistic people who are living in secure settings (hospitals and ATUs).

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We are not saying what we think people with learning disabilities or families should do. We have written the paper to challenge and help Transforming Care Partnerships. This means that sometimes we have had to use ‘jargon’ and it is quite long.

The key things that we are saying are that:

• People should be living in the community. They should be choosing where to live, their supports staff and how their support people behave.
• This includes people who sometimes have a reputation for being hard to support. This might mean that they have spent time in secure hospitals or other locked places.
• This means that some people need great support organisations. Where these great organisations do not exist now we need to help them grow.
• The system (how we choose and pay for services) can be made to help new great support organisations to grow.
• To help new organisations grow we need to find great people to run them then we have to help them to set up their organisation and find great staff.
• It takes time to make support great. We have to keep listening to people and families, keep planning and know what we will do if there are difficult times.

To read the full paper please follow this link.

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