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A Long Time Coming

Two reports from NDTi on achieving age equality in mental health services.

Mental health was one of three key areas highlighted for urgent attention in the national review of age discrimination reported in Achieving age equality in health and social care (Department of Health, 2009). Following this review, NDTi and the National Mental Health Development Unit worked with two health and social care communities in the Midlands to audit local mental health services and identify actions for achieving age equality in mental health services.

A Long Time Coming Part 1 shares the findings, key messages and priorities for local and national action arising from this work. It identifies the critical issues that need urgent attention in order to eradicate age discrimination in mental health services everywhere.

A Long Time Coming Part 2 highlights the practical steps that can be taken at a local level to deliver age equal mental health services in partnership with older people, voluntary sector and private providers as well as health and social care organisations.

Both reports can be downloaded on the right.

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