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Research about work and learning disability

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Mencap has commissioned NDTi to conduct some research about work and learning disability.

Through the research we want to find out:

  1. What do people with a learning disability want when it comes to work?
  2. What impacts the aspirations and barriers experienced by people with a learning disability when it comes to work?
  3. What would motivate employers to employ more people with a learning disability?
  4. What else can be done to help address the known barriers to people with a learning disability gaining and maintaining work?
  5. What could influence a long-term UK wide change to employing people with a learning disability?

We plan to do this using:

  • Group discussions
  • Interviews
  • A survey

We are working with a group of people with lived experience of a learning disability and a range of experiences of work to plan, design and advise on different parts of the research including methods, questions, analysis and sharing the findings.

We plan to complete the research by October 2022.

If you would like any more information about the research please contact Dr Naomi Harflett, NDTi’s Research Manager at

Hannah Walmsley

Hi, I am working with a company who currently provide a day service to people with learning disabilities, including those with complex needs. My team is supporting them to look at how they can make their day service more innovative and connected to the community, and how to enhance their ability to support people into work and learning opportunities. I would love to speak with you more about NDTI and the learning and research you have developed,

Many thanks

Hannah Walmsley

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