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The National Development Team for Inclusion is delighted to be working as the evaluation and learning partner for the Family Ambassadors Evaluation. The design and implementation of the Family Ambassadors is one of the key priority projects within the Quality Improvement Taskforce. The primary purpose of the Family Ambassadors role is to provide families/carers with the information they need to better understand what happens when their child is admitted to an inpatient mental health unit.

The programme evaluation will seek to explore the overall effectiveness of the Family Ambassadors role. This will include consideration of the integration of the roles and any benefits that family members report following the support they receive.

Phase 1 of the evaluation was completed in May 2023 and a report of the findings has been now published. The report focused on the challenges faced in the design, set-up and roll-out of the Family Ambassador programme and what the Local Family Ambassadors had achieved and the progress made towards the desired outcomes.

NDTi are now working on phase 2 of the evaluation, in which we continue to explore any impact having a Family Ambassador has made.

We are particularly keen to hear from family carers who have been supporting a child/young person in an inpatient mental health unit, whether or not they have had input from a Family Ambassador. As a gesture of thanks, we will be offering families who take part a £25 voucher.

We are also looking to interview people working in clinical teams where Family Ambassadors offer support.

If you would like to find out more about how you may be able to be involved in the evaluation, then please contact Anna Marriott or Ewa Woodward on or call 01225 256 008.

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