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Around the country many people have been, or are at risk of being, sent away to inappropriate and institutional secure hospitals, schools and ATU’s. Usually this isn’t about the person’s needs but about the lack of person centred, community-based support where they live.

We don’t like labels, but this is greatly affecting a group of people with what can best be described as ‘hefty reputations’ - people who are often labelled as having behaviour where they can hurt themselves or those around them.

More than a dozen local areas have agreed that sending people away to institutions is wrong and are working to put in place the conditions that will allow small, person-centred organisations to flourish instead. We are calling these small supports and we need more exceptional people to set them up.

  • What are small supports?

  • What are local areas doing to assist the development of small supports?

  • Who might set up a small supports organisation?

  • What areas are looking for people to develop small support organisations?

  • A bit about us...


Hello my name is Lucy
I currently work as a manager in health and social care
I am looking to take early retirement by June 2022
I would like to set up a small service and therefore would like some information please.
Many thanks

Marcomms ManagerLucy

Hi Lucy - we'll connect you with the team to get some information over to you.

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