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200 Lives: Evaluating supported living and residential care for adults with learning disabilities

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The National Institute for Health Research funded Manchester Metropolitan University, National Development Team for Inclusion, London School of Economics and Changing Our Lives to do this research.

Nearly £3 billion a year is spent by councils on supported living and residential care for adults with learning disabilities. The number of people needing such support is growing and many adults with learning disabilities living with their families would prefer to live independently. Despite the large amounts of public money being spent, we know very little about how good supported living/residential care services are, and how much they really cost.

Professor Chris Hatton of Public Health and Disability at Manchester Metropolitan University’s Centre for Disability Research led this research which aimed to examine the quality and costs of supported living and residential care for 200 adults with learning disabilities aged 18-64 years (#200lives). We collected information about the costs of housing support services, how housing support services operate, the health, wellbeing and lifestyles of adults with learning disabilities, and the views of family members.

This project has now come to an end and we are pleased to share the following resources:

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