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Care and Treatment Reviews

The Winterbourne View scandal, aired in 2011, shocked the nation. It led to a Government pledge to move all people with learning disabilities and / or autism inappropriately placed in institutions by June 2014. The Bubb report in 2014 identified that numbers of admissions were higher than the number of discharges from these institutions. 

Care and Treatment Reviews

In December 2014 NHS South commissioned NDTi to recruit, train and support Experts by Experience to take part in Care and Treatment Reviews.

Since supporting Experts to take part in the first CTRs in 2015, Experts within our region have supported more than 1450 reviews.

NDTi currently support more than 50 Experts by Experience, including family carers, people with a learning disability and people with autism. Experts are inducted and attend core training and join ‘basecamp’, the online forum that enables experts to connect with each other, ask questions and review relevant documents in one place. NDTi also support regular webinars and face to face training for experts. 


The map shows the NHS south region, as shown on the NHS England website.