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Older Leaders for Change in Mental Health (OL4C)

Mental health problems in later life are not a natural consequence of ageing, and yet many older people experience serious, ongoing and debilitating mental health problems. Recent studies highlight that age discrimination in mental health is an urgent priority, with older people’s needs, views, experiences, hopes and aspirations often not acknowledged, assessed, or addressed.

Supported by Comic Relief, the Older Leaders for Change in Mental Health Project is designed to raise the profile of older people’s mental health and wellbeing. Working in two areas in England – London and Leicestershire – the OL4C programme will:

  • Build the confidence, skills and capacity of older people with mental health problems to lead and influence change in their own lives and in wider service developments. Older people with mental health problems are often stigmatised, isolated and unheard. A key aim of the project will be to increase the voice, visibility and influence of older people in their own support, as well as in wider service and community developments.
  • Develop and test innovative ways of promoting and enhancing mental health and wellbeing in later life, in the two participating areas.
  • Increase public awareness, understanding and education about mental ill health in later life. A key element of the work will be to tackle the stigma, fear and isolation that many older people with mental health problems experience.

To find out more, please see a copy of the leaflet which is available to download on the right. Also available to download are a flyer, key facts and figures about older people’s mental health, details about the leadership development programme and a role description for older people participating in the programme.