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Images of Possibility (Employment)

Previous experiences, stories, fears of the ‘benefits trap’, supports staff’s attitudes and concerns about welcome have all helped to created preconceptions and attitudes towards employment that stop many people choosing to work or explore their interest further.

For employment to truly be open to all we need to challenge many preconceptions and address negative experiences and fears.

We work with individuals, families, services and employers to think about how employment can be a real possibility for all people.

Our work on Employment Images of Possibility includes:

  • Capturing and sharing success stories;
  • Thinking with and about individuals so they get the tailored support they need to access the same opportunities as anyone else and;
  • Challenging preconceptions about retirement, the benefits system and employer/colleague attitudes.

Workshops can be included within local training events/conferences or be commissioned as standalone days.

Useful Info

If you would like more information please contact Bill Love.