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Person Centred Working

Without effective implementation of person centred approaches, the personalisation agenda cannot work. NDTi has a range of ways of supporting local people and services to be person centred in a cost effective way.

Reviewing person centred strategies

A framework to review the impact of person centred strategies – looking at whether current investment in person centred planning and approaches is resulting in people really getting control of their lives and services and services changing and improving as a result.

Person centred approach training

The NDTi has a range of training and learning programmes to support managers and staff to understand person centred approaches, including learning sets for key leaders in person centred approaches, awareness raising training for provider organisation staff and training in a range of person centred tools and techniques. 

Practicalities and Possibilities

A focused approach to embedding person centred approaches with and for older people, that offers general awareness raising and an introduction to the core person centred thinking skills adapted to meet the specific needs and circumstances of older people who need support in their lives.

Circles of Support 

Ways of supporting families, friends and Circles of Support to be a key influence in the personalisation agenda.


The NDTi has led the field in the development of Independent Support Brokerage, partly funded by the Department of Health and Skills for Care.

Commissioning for Personalisation

The NDTi can offer a commissioner development programme with a focus on personalisation and also a framework for reviewing whether commissioner activity is currently ‘fit for purpose’ to deliver on personalisation. For more infomration, please contact Rob Greig.

To find out more about our work on person centred approaches, click on the link in the right hand column.

Risk and Ensuring Personalisation Works for Everyone 

The NDTi has a particular interest in ensuring that the people at most risk of exclusion also benefit from the personalisation agenda. We have a number of tools and ways of working to help staff teams ensure they take a positive attitude to risk taking.

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