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Voluntary sector working with the NHS: My Life My Choice

Guest blog from My Life My choice on how they work with the NHS, now in its 70th year.

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My Life My Choice (MLMC) is a user-led Oxfordshire based self-advocacy organisation. We raise the self-esteem, confidence and quality of life for people with learning disabilities by providing training, employment, volunteering and social opportunities for our members.

In order to help improve the lives of other people with learning disabilities, we work in partnership with the NHS on a number of different projects.

Our Power Up team have worked with the Oxford City NHS Learning Disability Community Team to train GPs in Oxfordshire to give effective annual health checks, which you can read more about on the NHS England website. We also worked with them to produce a film – Get Healthy! Live Longer! - aimed at people with a learning disability, about how to live a healthy life.

Our experts by experience work with NHS England to deliver care and treatment reviews for people with a learning disability who are in hospital. We also are part of the Oxfordshire Transforming Care Partnership Board, working with Oxford Health NHS Trust to transform services locally.

MLMCs partnership with the NHS goes back a long way, in 2014 two of our trustees interviewed Dominic Slowie, the National Clinical Director for Learning Disabilities for NHS England, about healthcare for people with learning disabilities. You can watch this interview here:

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