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The Social Inclusion Website is Changing

Expect to see some changes to the website at as it completes its migration to the Inclusion Institute and loses the National Social Inclusion Programme (NSIP) branding.

The links and web address will be the same, and the section on Day Services will be similar, but it will be a new site for a new organisation. NSIP closed in March 2009, and to ensure the resources remain available to all, the Inclusion Institute has taken over the site.

The Inclusion Institute is led by Professor David Morris, and is part of the International School for Communities, Rights and Inclusion (ISCRI) at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan). The Institute takes forward the work of the cross-government National Social Inclusion Programme as a centre of excellence for learning, evidence, innovation and practice on inclusion in the context of both personalisation and sustainable, engaged communities.

Based at Kings Fund, London as well as Preston, Lancashire, the Inclusion Institute utilises the philosophy, expertise and learning resources of the National Social Inclusion Programme, working co-productively with citizens to build a sustainable and practical evidence base on inclusion, linked to local support for development and practice. Ben Taylor is continuing to lead the Day Services workstream for the Inclusion Institute.

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