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Older People with High Support Needs Want More Choice and Control in How They Live Their Lives

A new paper has been published today by the National Development team for Inclusion (NDTi) (to coincide with International Older Person’s Day) to share findings from a two year project which is aiming to increase the voice, choice and control of older people with high support needs.

This includes older people living in care homes and those living at home with a lot of support. Around one million older people live in residential care and sheltered/supported housing. Older people want to have a broad range of options for their care and support, yet there seems to be widespread reluctance to develop and adopt new ways of thinking about and working with older people with high support needs. Traditional forms of service provision still dominate. As our society ages, the way we think about ageing, older people and disability needs to change to reflect with this demographic reality and the expressed wishes and desires of older people themselves.

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