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NDTi responds to File on 4 report

At NDTi, we believe that people should have choice and control about where and how they live and how they choose to spend their time.

Supported living, when done well, is one of the many personalised housing and support arrangements that supports people to maintain choice and control in their lives. When done badly, it mimics some of the same difficulties that people experience in traditional care settings and institutions.

Commissioners have a responsibility to provide good quality care, yet the call for further regulation will not solve cases of mistreatment on its own. Commissioners need a clearer understanding of what good support looks like and there needs to be more robust checks in place to determine the true quality of the support that they are offering people. Supported living only works if it has good person-centred practices with experienced and informed staff. This is about creating better life opportunities for people within their communities, not budget cutting.

A main priority of our work is to encourage the development of alternative care options that support people of all ages to have the access and choice they need to remain connected to the life they want to live.

We know that when good, person-centred support is in place it results in better life outcomes for people, including:

  • Raised aspirations on how to spend their time within their communities
  • Continued connections with family and friends
  • Paid Employment
  • Reduction of health inequalities
  • Less reliance on traditional services

The following examples highlight NDTI’s research, projects and shared learning on how best to support people to live happy lives in their communities.

File on 4

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