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NDTi calls for immediate action in response to Winterbourne View – Time for Change report

Rob Greig, chief executive of social change organisation NDTi and former government learning disabilities director, responds to Winterbourne View – Time for Change report due for publication 26 November 2014.

Rob said

“While the report is clear that the rights of people with learning disabilities and their families should be at the heart of decisions made about their support, it lacks any kind of action plan to make that happen.”

“NDTi and others have repeatedly proposed practical ways to enable people with learning disabilities live safe, healthy lives as part of the community. We want the NHS, Department of Health and Local Government to stop commissioning reports and start taking action. As long as institutions like Winterbourne View are allowed to exist, we will continue to hear these appalling stories of people with learning disabilities suffering and even dying from neglect.”

NDTi is a social change organisation that works to achieve a society that is inclusive of all people, where factors like disability and age are not an obstacle to people achieving good life outcomes. We have been at the forefront of the progressive learning disabilities agenda for 35 years. We advocate radical action that empowers people with learning disabilities to live as equal citizens and take a lead in decision making.

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