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NDTi Calls for Government Action in Light of Panorama Programme About Abuse

Important lessons from the Panorama programme about abuse in a learning disability hospital (aired on the 31st of May 2011) are about the actions needed by Government to reduce the risk of similar problems elsewhere.

In a full Press Release, Rob Greig, NDTi’s Chief Executive (and the Government’s former National Director for Learning Disabilities) called for five specific actions to address the wider strategic issues:

  • A requirement to be placed upon commissioners not to purchase services (such as large learning disability hospital provision) where the evidence shows that better, cost and quality effective outcomes are available through alternative service options.
  • A requirement to be placed upon NHS commissioners (including GP Consortia if legislation is passed) to demonstrably have senior capacity and expertise in learning disability services within their structures.
  • A requirement that external advocacy (including family advocacy if actively involved) must be in place and demonstrably involved for any individual placed in a hospital setting.
  • A reversal of the budgetary cuts to the CQC that have led to them removing their learning disability expertise and reducing their capacity to undertake inspections.
  • A reversal of the downgrading of the priority of the Valuing People policy and renewed investment in actions to support the development of local, individualised services for people who challenge services.

For more details, please see the full press release which can be downloaded from the Related Downloads section on the right of this page.

For information on a project carried out by NDTi with the Department of Health to develop guidance for Commisssioners on how to commission services for people who challenge, please go to our website page on Local Services for Local People..

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