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National Development Team for Inclusion responds to ‘Building the right support: A national implementation plan to develop community services and close inpatient facilities’

Published: 30/10/15

Rob Greig, chief executive of social change organisation NDTi and former government learning disabilities director, said:
"This is the most cogent set of actions in response to the issues behind the Winterbourne View abuse since it took place over four years ago. The objective should be to develop good community supports from new, skilled social care providers. Just having closing A&T beds as a target could lead to poor support being transferred into a community setting. There is still very little focus on changing policy and practice around children and young people – which we know is where services start getting things wrong.

Unless local authorities receive the necessary funds to meet the costs of supporting people well in the community, including those funded through specialised commissioning, the current pressures on the social care system will mean people with complex needs will not leave hospital.”

A more detailed response can be found on the NDTi blog.

NDTi is a social change organisation that works to achieve a society that is inclusive of all people, where factors like disability and age are not an obstacle to people achieving good life outcomes. We have been at the forefront of the progressive learning disabilities agenda for 35 years. We advocate radical action that empowers people with learning disabilities to live as equal citizens and take a lead in decision making.

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