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Mental Health Awareness Week

As part of this year's Mental Health Awareness Week and it's focus on body image we spoke to 5 people with lived experience to explore their differnt perspectives of how self image had an impact on their mental health.

MHAW news story

Each contribution is anonymous but together they represent voices across ages with experience of learning disabilities, mental ill health and caring for others.

  1. What you believe about your own appearance.
    from somebody with many years lived experience

  2. I never thought that self-image would be my un-doing
    from a carer talking about their own Mental Health

  3. On a good day I’m not measuring myself against other people and I’m happy to be me
    from a young person's perspective

  4. Battling a false body image
    from a parent's perspective

  5. The lights are still on and there is still somebody at home
    from somebody talking about the ageing process and mental health

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