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Mapping the journey of Model City in London

A short report published today shares insights and lessons from the first year of Model City London (MCL) – a community led, sports based initiative for achieving change based on local priorities and concerns. It highlights important features from the evolution of Model City from its roots in the USA to its introduction to the UK and London in particular. It includes ‘lightbulb moments’ for developing community coalitions who steer local changes through broadening opportunities for sports and physical activity.

NDTi is proud to be working alongside all the partners involved in Model City London to help inform the development and use of a collective impact framework to guide local developments and evidence what works. This document shares the learning from the first phase of our work with Model City London, focusing on the set up, engagement and development of shared visions for change within three areas of London. The full report can be read here and the Summary and Insights document can be read here.

We’ll be sharing progress, stories and ongoing lessons from Model City and associated developments across London (e.g. Mayor of London’s wider Sport Unites Strategy) on a regular basis. Watch this space!

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