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Government Has Known About the Neglect of Older People in Hospital for at Least 13 Years

The National Development Team for Inclusion today called upon the Government to take steps to implement a national programme of action to address the neglect of older people in hospital that has once again been exposed by a CQC report ('Dignity and Nutrition inspection programme: National overview' Care Quality Commission, October 2011).

Helen Bown (Director of Older People & Ageing at NDTi) said:
“The themes outlined in CQC's report are the same as were identified in a report called 'Not Because They Are Old' prepared for the Secretary of State for Health by the Health Advisory Service 13 years ago”.

Ms Bowers, one of the authors of that report, continued: “The underpinning problem is the attitude of public services and indeed much of society, towards older people. People are often not seen as equal citizens with equal rights, particularly when they are unwell.”

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