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Taking advocacy back to basics

Published: 01/12/12

"Taking advocacy back to basics” is a discussion paper produced by the Ideas Collective.

Taking advocacy back to basics

The Ideas Collective is a new independent group of people and organisations who want to make sure that the values and ideas that were behind policies like Valuing People carry on and to share their skills and experiences to make a difference for people with learning disabilities.

We think that it is an interesting paper that merits discussion and wider distribution – which is why we are mentioning it on our website.

The aim of this paper is to create a debate about what could or should happen next in helping people with learning disabilities live their lives as full citizens with choice and control over what happens to them individually. The paper is in two main parts:

  • two stories or vignettes that tell some of the story for the last 15 years or so
  • some questions, ideas or concerns to start a debate.

Please let the Ideas Collective know your thoughts about the paper by commenting on it at their website:

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