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Community Led Support Programme leads to a quicker response, better staff morale and budget savings

The publication of “What works in Community Led Support?” details evidence from nine local authorities that show that, by working differently, significant improvements are taking place in services across England, Scotland and Wales.

NDTi’s Programme Lead, Jenny Pitts says the aim of the programme is, “to redesign adult social care, making it fit for purpose, better for staff and better for people”.

The evaluation proves that, 1 year on, the programme is already achieving positive change, including:

  • Better experiences and outcomes for local people
  • Easier access and greater efficiency
  • Engaged staff and improved morale
  • Potential for savings

One of the key ingredients to the programme’s early success includes strong leadership that enables staff to innovate and coproduce improvements. This ethos is underpinned by 7 principles that supports a culture of innovation and trust amongst both staff and communities.

These findings are echoed by many within the programme. Speaking in a recent Guardian article Adult Social Services Director Cath Roff calls the changes “the most transformative thing I’ve ever done” another senior manager within the programme commented that “We’re using CLS for doing things differently – and reconnecting people back into social work.

The programme is continuing to grow and this evaluation highlights that, whilst these are early findings, the programme is becoming a powerful vehicle for wider change across other areas beyond adult social care.

For more details about Community Led Support and to read the evaluation report in full visit

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