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CLS challenges the landscape of commissioning.

At an event hosted by Healthcare Improvement Scotland and the IHub in Edinburgh on Wednesday 25th April, Community Led Support (CLS) was showcased as one of several vibrant new approaches challenging the way Health and Social Care Partnerships procure services to care for and support people with eligible needs, as well as how they use their local budgets to create an environment in which community and voluntary organisations who offer complementary support or indeed, early intervention and prevention services, can flourish.

CLS begins with an effective conversation at the very start of someone's connection with their local HSCP focussing on what matters rather than what's the matter, exploring what outcomes they would like to achieve rather than what they can't do, and encouraging them to utilise all the assets available to them rather than simply slotting them into services. As such, it creates a different "customer pathway" which sees people as equal partners in the finding of solutions to whatever difficulties they are experiencing and views themselves, and the community in which they live, as the most obvious and sensible place to seek whatever support they need in the first instance. It is therefore necessary for a wide variety of self-help and community based solutions to be readily available, and it is incumbent on HSCPs to use all their resources and influence to create the conditions in which a wide variety of different options can thrive - including from private sector providers, third sector organisations, informal community groups and small and micro enterprises.

There is much innovation going on across Scotland and many excellent examples were shared at the event, including the Care and Well-Being co-op in rural Perthshire and the Queens House Borders

NDTi looks forward to working with some of our Scottish sites on how the commissioning models they currently use can be adapted within a CLS approach, and we will of course share whatever we learn along the way.


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