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Celebrating 25 Years of NDTi: Change is Possible

This year the National Development Team for Inclusion(NDTi) is celebrating 25 years of working to Develop Equal Life Chances for people at risk of exclusion.

Since our formation in 1992 NDTi has been working with communities, government, health and social care professionals to ensure that disabled people of all ages and older people are given choice and control over their own lives.

During this time, we’ve successfully managed to influence both policy and practice to create changes that lead to better lives, including;

  • Introducing the supported living concept to the UK as part of a focus on de-institutionalisation
  • Leading the introduction of supported employment to the UK for people with learning disabilities
  • Playing a central role in developing concepts of community inclusion being a key outcome for people in receipt of mental health services
  • Being a powerful voice arguing for alternatives to residential care for people as they age, enabling everyone to continue to contribute to society
  • Leading the Preparing for Adulthood programme, that supports young people to get a life and not just a service
  • Showing how social work services can be both community focused and person centred through our ‘Community Led Support’ programme

To mark the occasion, we are launching our Change Is Possible campaign to remind and inspire people not only how far health and social care has come in those 25 years, but more importantly, what, collectively, we still need to change.

Rob Greig, NDTi’s Chief Executive, has been involved with the organisation since the 1992 and has seen it go through many changes, saying “25 years ago, NDTi was taking action to ensure that people were at the centre of decision making about their lives when almost no-one else was. Since then, we have championed de-institutionalisation, community inclusion and person-centred working so that people can live better lives as equal members of society.

There have been some remarkable advances, some of which we have played a role in. However, we are still a long way from achieving the society that NDTi aspires to be a part of – and in the last few years there is evidence things are going backwards. Alongside our partner organisations we will continue to work in this way - NDTi’s work is far from done. We look forward to the changes we can make over the next 25 years”

David Brindle, NDTi’s Chair added "Change takes time - if you do it properly and inclusively. Everyone associated with NDTi can be rightly proud of all we have achieved over the past 25 years, and of the respect we have earned, but there remains so much more to do make our ambitions a reality. The past seven years of austerity have undoubtedly been tough, and we have seen setbacks, but our goals remain clear and our enthusiasm undimmed."

As well as sharing a number of stories reflecting on key changes that have happened over the past 25 years, we are asking people to share their own ideas on what still needs to change to enable those at risk of exclusion to live the life they choose.

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