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Calls for Action Following Panorama Programme on Learning Disability Hospitals

The important lessons from Tuesday night’s Panorama programme about abuse in a learning disability hospital are about the actions needed by Government to reduce the risk of similar problems elsewhere – according to Rob Greig, Chief Executive of the National Development Team for Inclusion and the Government’s former National Director for Learning Disabilities.

Commenting in advance of the programme but after a briefing on its content, Rob Greig said:
“ Whilst the organisation that ran this hospital clearly has to be held to account for what has happened, to see this as purely an issue around that one hospital and service would be a mistake. The Government has to understand the wider strategic issues and act accordingly. We know that the institutional nature of learning disability hospitals fosters a climate where abuse is a high risk. That is one reason the Government closed all NHS learning disability hospitals. There is no reason to be confident that incidents similar to those described in Panorama are not taking place in other private sector hospitals – such things are in the nature of institutional provision”.

The 'Call for Action' can be downloaded from the link on the right.

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