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Call for Information! - Examples of Giving and Receiving Support

Published: 12/04/11

As part of a national Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) funded programme around achieving 'A Better Life' for older people with high support needs, NDTi and Community Catalysts are issuing a call for information about examples of approaches and arrangements where older people with high support needs both give and receive support.

More detailed information about this call is provided in the document link, including information on the specific types of arrangements / areas we’d particularly like to hear about, and a simple template for responding to us.

If you are involved in (or know about) the kind of arrangement that is described in the document, please fill in and return the template to Anita Wilkins by 17th June 2011. The completed template can be emailed or posted to Anita (her email and postal address details are on the right).

We would also really appreciate it if you could please forward this information to your networks, including any people or projects that might be involved in the kind of mutually beneficial arrangements described.

Also, please read JRF’s Philippa Hare’s blog about the project. Philippa is the Programme Manager in the Empowerment Team at JRF.

Finally, if you would like an easier to read summary of this document, or a version translated into Welsh, please let us know.

Many thanks for your help, and if you have any queries about this call for information please contact Anita on 01202 471 423.

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