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Let’s talk leadership: Permaculture Ethics & Principles Webinar

Let’s talk leadership: Permaculture Ethics & Principles Webinar

August 26th 12 noon - 1.30 pm


What if permaculture thinking is an unleashed leadership tool; another lens for us to use to, think about and overcome some of our shared leadership challenges? Ultimately, enabling people to lead good lives.

Feeling curious? Why not join us for this 90-minute joint exploration and conversation.

We invite you to bring a cuppa, some paper and pens to capture your thoughts, ideas, reflections and those precious and game changing what if moments!

We request that you bring with you a key leadership challenge you are dealing with and a sense of curiosity and willingness to explore together.

During the session, Barry Jones, NDTi associate, will briefly introduce some permaculture ethics and principles. We will collectively explore the tools to see what, if any insights, ideas and what if moments are generated.

This session is as much as an exploration for us as it is for you. We too are seeking to explore whether these tools can add real value in the leadership challenges and times we collectively face.

The session will beheld on Teams and be collaborative and participatory. It will include a light touch to content, small group and whole group discussions, testing out and using the ethics and principles and considering when and where the tools and concepts may be helpful.

We are likely to get a sense if the content and approach might add value to our leadership tools kits.

The intention of the session is to collectively explore whether permaculture principles and ethics are valuable leadership tools we can draw on to observe, understand and generate ideas and solutions to some of the leadership challenges of our time.

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