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Improving health outcomes for people with learning disabilities in the South West : 15th May

(Re)introducing a health network!

This is the third health network meeting for the South West. The overall aim of the health network is to reduce the health inequalities that people with learning disabilities experience in the South West.

At the second meeting we said we wanted to spend more time sharing resources

We also want to celebrate 100 years of learning disability nursing.

In addition, we will be spending some time thinking about STPs and how we can best work with them – and working in groups looking in more depth at:

  • Funding of people with learning disabilities in acute care
  • How do we know we are making a difference?
  • Increasing Annual health checks 

We will also be talking about the actions identified at the last meeting and any updates.


For more information contact Sue Turner by:

Email: Sue Turner
Tel: 01225 789135