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Strategy and Commissioning

From central government to small local organisations, NDTi can help to make sure that plans and strategies are more likely to achieve positive outcomes for people.

Strategy and Commissioning

A large amount of NDTi’s work is about helping organisations to develop and improve their overall approach to planning and delivering services and supports. This covers four main areas:

Service Review and Evaluation

We undertake service reviews and evaluations for a range of organisations, all with the aim of producing realistic, evidence based recommendations for change and improvement. This can include:

  • Strategic reviews for service providers across their whole operations
  • Reviews and evaluations of individual services

Commissioning Support

Commissioning is often the key to achieving better services. Our work has included:

  • Strategic reviews of commissioning strategies for local authorities and PCTs/CCGs
  • Developing and delivering commissioner development programmes
  • Supporting commissioners to develop the market

Organisational Development

Often organisations ask us to help them develop their future vision and how they organise themselves to achieve that. For example we:

  • Work with organisations to help them undertake cultural and organisational change
  • We deliver leadership development programmes

National Policy and Advice

We work with government and national organisations to help ensure policy and its delivery achieve good outcomes. This involves:

  • Leading national delivery programmes for Government
  • Developing good practice materials, toolkits and resources to assist in delivering policy
  • Promote and engage in national debate to help ensure policy and its delivery helps achieve inclusive lives for people.


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