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Paul Gutherson, Development Lead – Ageing and Older People

Paul Gutherson

Paul is a committed and active supporter of community involvement and collaborative approaches to change.

Paul has a background in Art and Design Education and has over 20 years of experience working with public and voluntary sector organisations to improve social, educational and economic opportunities for everyone.

He is an experienced researcher, his research and evaluation work being utilised in the development of policy and practice by local authorities, charities and government departments. His work has focused on improving the lives of marginalised and excluded people regardless of age.

Paul has worked on a number of national and international educational transformation projects and made significant contributions to policy debates. His recent work has looked at the wellbeing of people as they age, including innovative ways of increasing community involvement and improving employment opportunities for older people. He enjoys working with individuals and communities, as well as government agencies, to create community led solutions to tricky local issues and likes helping organisations to understand the impact they have on the lives of the people they work with.

Throughout his career as an educator, community development worker, researcher and analyst he has advocated for evidence based approaches to practice and solution design as well as the importance of community involvement in policy and practice development. He is particularly interested in how older people are empowered to continue being active citizens.

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Tel: 01225 255 268

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