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Fran Girling, Evaluation Manager

Fran Girling

Fran joined NDTi’s research and evaluation team in November 2019 as Evaluation Manager.

She has a background in evaluation, research and project management in the international development sector, and most recently was the Country Coordinator in Jordan for a humanitarian needs assessment INGO, supporting partners in the Syrian refugee crisis response. Prior to that, Fran worked for a UK-based development consultancy, mainly within the evaluation portfolio. Her experience in evaluations has included high level evaluations of global and regional policies and strategies, as well as project level evaluations in the humanitarian and development fields for partners including UN agencies, INGOs, and the European Commission. Fran is interested in the use of data and learning to enable partners to make effective, evidence-based decisions that champion the voices of those traditionally excluded. With NDTi, Fran is working on and managing a variety of research and evaluation projects across different work programmes.

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Tel: 07593 443740

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