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Dorothy Runnicles

Dorothy Runnicles

Dorothy lived an incredible life, creating positive change in everything she did. As an older person advisor, researcher and advocate, she had particular interest in age discrimination and dementia and was a user of the Health and Social Care Services.

Dorothy had a life-long history of changing things for the better, as a social worker, community worker and academic. She worked for both central and local government as well as voluntary agencies, and achieved a Masters Degree in Social Policy which she undertook in her middle life. Her main interests in the past decade after leaving full-time paid work were with community groups.

As a member of a number of community organisations at local and regional level, she participated actively in the development of Older People’s Forums. Most recently she was an elected representative of the 220 residents in the retirement village with extra care, where she lived. Her experience arose from being a long-term carer of her mother with dementia and subsequently, as an older person herself her learning grew from her own life experiences. She was an Associate Consultant/Researcher and finally an Ambassador for NDTi for a number of years, having been directly involved in a range of projects in our older people's programme.

Dorothy was also a member of the Older People’s Programme and the Centre for Policy on Ageing team working on the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) project 'Older People's Vision for Long Term Care'. In recent years she was involved in the JRF Better Lives Programme and she was a member of JRF’s Expert Synthesis Panel as well as a team member in the JRF Change in Action Project. She was passionate about increasing the voice, choice and control of older people with high support needs, wherever they lived. Dorothy's involvement with JRF continued through her work in the Expert Synthesis Panel, contributing to the last book of messages from the five year Better Lives for Older People Programme and as a team member in the Change in Action project.

Dorothy led a life full of passion for valuing people, her insight, personal experiences, knowledge and humour set her apart as a unique changemaker in society. Her life and her work have contributed so much to making lives better through her strong voice and commitment to inclusion. We miss her terribly, but her legacy and her life are to be celebrated and she will always be one of the NDTi family.

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