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Nick Day, Associate

Nick Day

Nick is a successful public sector entrepreneur, founder and owner of Nicholas Day Associates (nda). For 28 years he has run a small consultancy, training, coaching and project management company based in Exeter. Nick has positively influenced the design, delivery and culture of many SME organisations across England that work in the public interest for people seeking inclusion. He has extensive experience of working with both Commissioners and Providers, as well as a very broad range of client groups.

The starting point for much of Nick’s work is understanding the aspirations, ambiguities and needs of the people who use public services: their desire for connectedness, and to engage in the design processes that affect their future. By working with a graphic artist, Jon Ralphs who is also an Associate of NDTi, Nick has now become skilled at creating organisational strategy for clients out of storytelling both in words and pictures. Nick is particularly adept at working at the interface between organisations and different groups within organisations.

Nick has an MA in Social Work from the University of East Anglia is a qualified probation officer. He worked for the Devon Probation Service, before setting up his own business in 1991.

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