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Caroline Harding, Associate

Caroline Harding

Caroline started her career within Somerset in 2012 piloting a new role as a Village Agent, working with people out in the community who routinely fell through gaps in services.

Caroline quickly realised the huge untapped potential in communities and through the people she met. Her role quickly grew as she developed this new can-do approach with no criteria and no closed doors serving the whole population of Somerset.

In 2015 she trialed a new way of working partnering with Adult Social Care to embed community solutions in social care practice. One of the key pieces of work was pioneering peer forums across Somerset. These forums were a way of bringing professionals together giving every client presented the option of Community Led Support.

Caroline went on to manage the agent workforce of 70, working with partners such as Somerset County Council, Somerset CCG and 64 Primary Care sites. She also managed the Somerset Carers Service and specialist agents working on cancer support, learning disability, hospital discharge and mental health.

Caroline is passionate at making the community accessible to all. One example of this is setting up 26 Talking Cafes on a weekly basis. With the onset of Covid 19 she pivoted the concept and took them to live daily broadcasts on Facebook covering a wide range of topics and reached over 85,000 interactions in just 7 months.

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