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Alastair Minty, Associate

Alastair Minty

Alastair has been working in Health and Social Care since 1987, and was involved in the transformation from hospital to Community Care for people with learning disabilities in the 1990s.

With a mix of operational management roles and development roles in the Third Sector, he has been involved in developing policy and practice in a variety of areas. He has always been passionate about inclusion and involvement, risk enablement and supporting people with disabilities to have relationships.

Alastair is committed to honest relationships where we can explore change effectively. He has worked to develop a Public Social Partnership and got involved in Asset Based Community Development, Circles of Support, and continues to be involved in supporting groups who are developing new opportunities.

Alastair has a BA in Community Care and Learning Difficulties, and a Postgraduate Certificate in Social services Leadership (Leading To Deliver), he now offers Independent Development and Consultancy work and joined the NDTi as an associate in 2017.

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