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Our Strategy

Building on the success of our approaches and work thus far, our new Strategic Plan outlines what we want to achieve by further developing to respond to new ways of working, thinking and areas of focus.

Our Strategy

Our plan takes us further into the fields of community, connections and place, recognising that living great lives is about much more than just social care, health and education. Our guiding principles seek the same benefits for people regardless of who they are, their age or their circumstances. We recognise that much of our work is cross-cutting.  Each of our programmes uses approaches and methods that inform and improve our other areas of work. Community and individual resilience is embedded in everything we do and forms a key theme of our work for 2019-21, underpinned by our belief that communities and individuals possess the skills, knowledge and gifts that provide the foundations for positive change.

We also recognise the positive impact of others in our areas of work. There are strong organisations that mirror our values that we can share our learning with and learn from.  We will work with these as partners where opportunity arises, and where a combined approach will create greater impact. NDTi should be known for its collaborative culture and be viewed as a great partner to work with.

This is not only about how we work with others to enable us to deliver our mission of a more just and fair society for all. It’s also about how we adapt and take advantage of new ways of working and technology and how we invest in and develop our organisation and the committed people who work for and with us. We believe that by further investing in NDTi as a great place to work and a great partner, then we are even better equipped to create positive change.

The commitments and ambitions we have set out in our strategic plan, form the basis of team and individual work plans for our Programme Delivery, Research & Evaluation and Business Support teams, creating a clear link between what NDTi want to achieve and the actions and activities we do, individually and collectively. Backed by a new impact framework and regular reviews, we will continue to gauge our progress, responding and adapting if necessary, to continue to promote equal life chances, ensure people’s voices are heard and rethink how organisations work.

Read the Strategic Plan here