Change that leads to better lives

Our Priorities

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People’s Voices

We put people’s voices at the centre of every action we take and every change we help to make. We ensure disabled, autistic and older people have a strong voice on all the decisions and changes that affect their lives: from their own personal support services to wider questions of community and civic life and public policy

Equal Life Chances

Our work always focuses on wider life outcomes. We want disabled, autistic and older people to have the same life opportunities as everybody else: paid work, to choose where and with whom they live, fulfilling personal relationships and the chance to contribute to community and civic life.

Rethinking Organisations

We help organisations and local partners break down barriers between services and the people they serve, empowering individual voices to articulate their own desired outcomes, putting people and communities at the centre. Rethinking what they do and how they act, to provide better outcomes at the same or lower cost.

A Great NDTi

NDTi strives to make a significant contribution at a national and strategic level. We want to be known as a valued source of information, a partner other organisations want to work with, a sustainable, independent organisation and a great place to work.

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