About NDTi

About NDTi

Who are we?

The National Development Team for Inclusion is a not for profit organisation working to enable people at risk of exclusion, due to age or disability, to live the life they choose. We inspire and support policymakers, services and communities to make change happen - change that leads to better lives.

What do we do?

Promoting equal life chances

Our work always focuses on wider life outcomes. We want to ensure that disabled and older people have the same life opportunities as their fellow citizens: paid work, a place of their own to live, fulfilling personal relationships and the chance to contribute to their community. We protect equal rights in law and practice, with support if necessary.

Ensuring people’s voices are heard

We put people’s voices at the centre of every action we take and every change we help to make. We give disabled and older people a strong voice in all of the decisions and changes that affect their lives: from their own personal support services to wider questions of community and public policy.

Rethinking service design

We advocate alternatives to the traditional model of public service care, which tends to segregate people by category. This undermines equal life chances and silences individual voices. We promote support options that centre on the person rather than the process, and provide better outcomes at the same or lower cost.

Changing how organisations work

We work to bring about the whole-system organisational change that is needed to support much-needed alternatives to traditional care. We help organisations break down the barriers between ‘services’ and the ‘served’, empowering individual voices to articulate their own desired outcomes and putting people and communities at the centre of care work.

What is our vision?

A society where all people, regardless of age or disability, are valued and able to live the life they choose.

What are our values?

All people should have choice and control over their own lives

All people should have their human rights respected

All people should be valued as equals

People’s voice is at the centre of all our work

All our work is evidence based

Why work with us?

NDTi has been working with communities, government, health and social care professionals for over 20 years ensuring that people with disabilities of all ages are given choice and control over their own lives. Our role is provide decision makers with the evidence, skills, knowledge and courage to make transformational change, so individuals at risk of exclusion can have the same opportunities as everyone else. 

People with lived experience of disability are at the centre of every action we take and every change we help to make. Together, we explore and celebrate what’s possible so all people can  access education, paid work, a place of their own, fulfilling relationships and a chance to contribute. We challenge expectations of what people can achieve in their lives by triggering important conversations and ensuring people’s voices are heard.

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